Proms & Homecomings

Schools are already booking prom now! Don’t miss out!

Here’s the deal… We kick butt and take names!!!

Proms and homecoming - school dances - formals From Giving you a custom planning site, to allowing all of the students to make online song requests, we cover every base, and get everyone involved to ensure complete satisfaction. The Rockers, The Emo Kids, The Rappers, The Country Kids, The Skaters, The Book Worms, The Jocks, They’ve all got a say… Proms and homecoming - school dances - formalsEveryone has the opportunity to make requests, and we have the ability to check them ahead of time for content, and relevance. We will not play music that will clear the dance floor… We know how to keep everyone happy more or less… (you’ll never please everyone)

We understand what schoold need and want… Clean Music, a good mix of genres, nothing tasteless. We work with you to ensure that all of the rules are clear up front, then we stick to them.

Proms and homecoming - stage and lighting - music dj No one else in Georgia offers the scale of production that we do. Our prices are phenomenal, our equipment is the absolute best money can buy, and quite simply, no one else can touch us. We’re elegant until party time, then it’s a “no holds barred fun-fest!”proms and homecoming - staging and lights - music dj

Why waste your money on a venue like the Fox Theatre, or The Gwinnett Civic Center when your DJ isn’t going to be able to properly light it, or fill it with sound?? Notice in all of the pictures you don’t notice any table decorations? Spend a few dollars more on quality entertainment, and a few less on decorations that no one will see after the lights go down, and see what a difference it makes in the success of your event!!!   We kept them dancing until the last minutes… Your students will not be leaving early when we’re in the building!
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Proms and Homecomings: