Music & Video DJ


School DanceEvery professional DJ has access to pretty much the same music. We receive a weekly subscription to an entertainment industry only promotional music service. Jones Media keeps us up to date with everything to reach the billboard top 40 charts in the genres of country, rock, urban, dance, christian, and adult contemporary. The difference between us and other lesser experienced DJ’s, is how we use it. Anyone can be taught to operate a music system, but the real skill comes in knowing over 5 decades of music inside out. We know oldies, rock, rap, beach music, country, 80’s, funk, disco, etc. Our DJ personalities are skilled on the microphone, so all of your announcements will be timely, clear, and concise. Each of our most experienced DJ’s have over 10 years experience in nightclub, party, radio and mobile DJ work. We know what to play to get a party going, and when to play it. Our sophisticated music systems not only incorporate studio quality processing equipment, but they also use the amplification and loudspeaker components used by touring national acts. We spare no expense when it comes to the tools of our trade. We replace equipment every 6 months to ensure fresh, attractive and fully functional components. No one in Atlanta uses the quality of equipment we own.

Music Videos

School Dance 2We can play strictly audio tracks, or you can indulge in our library of over 7,500 DVD music videos. Our videos cover the music video age starting in the 70’s and running right up to current hits. We receive monthly updates to our video collection, so we’re always up to date with the hot hits! Mixing music videos on one of our big screens is a a surefire way to take your party over the top. Our Computerized lighting is also a great addition to any DJ party.

Music and Video: