Emergency Photo Booth Service Saves The Day Again!

Once again this past weekend Extreme Event Design saves the day with our “one hour on call” emergency photo booth service. We’d love to tell you who the company who dropped the ball was, but we feel that this company already has one BLACK EYE, why give them another?

This is why we stress the importance of hiring a professional photo booth company with multiple backup units. Is your wedding, or corporate event really worth taking a chance on some garage run service with a home made photo booth? When that un-named $695 company can’t get their makeshift booth to start up, your event is over. The worst part is, we’re actually a little cheaper than they are, we are fully insured, and include graphic design and scrapbook at no additional cost!

This is why we offer emergency service. If your photo booth company shows up and can’t get their act together, give us a call, and we’ll be there to save the day. Our booth technicians are standing by!

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