Decatur Dan, Extreme Event Design & Jeezy…

I spent Saturday with a remarkable bunch of guys. Decatur Dan, a local 2nd generation photographer / videographer known for his work with several recording artists, called for a little lighting reinforcement. I packed up the Van and headed on down to Atlanta to lend a hand. Turns out, we were shooting Young Jeezy’s new video, and I had the unique opportunity to not only be involved in the video shoot, but I actually had a quick part in the video as a cop.. (stand by for my video release party invite). It was a blast to watch such a talented professional in action. If you’re shooting a music video, give Decatur Dan a call for the production, and myself for the lights and sound… I taught the whole Corporate Thug Entertainment crew to ride a Segway, and would not be surprised to see them all pimpin’ Segways with rims in the near future.

I was even invited back for another shoot next week. Fun Fun!

Thanks Dan! Thanks Jeezy!

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